Battery Short


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Peterborough ontario
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2015 Tuscon
Help, I purchased a 2015 Tuscon about 6 months ago and I think I know why it was traded in. Every so often the battery dies. We have replaced the battery and now the starter. It will drive fine then the next time we try to start the vehcile it's dead. The ignition also has issues. Occasionally the vehicle will try to turn over but won't engage, but will start with the remote start. In this case Jiggling the key and stomping on the gas will sometimes get the car to turn over. My mechanic can't seem to figure it out. My question is can a short in the ignition cause the battery to short out. I was dismissed when I suggested this, (women know nothing about cars). I am totally frustrated and looking to take the vehilce to a different garage, but I would like to be better informed when I take it in. The vehilce is a key ignition not a push start.